The female stag beetles are now making for an exciting stag beetle season!

Now that the male stag beetles are already flying in many regions, the first female stag beetles are also making an appearance. Now things are getting moving! We expect exciting flight evenings as well as the first weddings in good Whitsun weather. Just in time for the end of the month, the stag beetle season is picking up speed!

Stag beetles want to fly now

The stag beetle males are now close to the surface and in Bavaria (Frankenland) already in the air. The females hatch in the same nest usually a good week later. However, this year's mixed May weather is quite tolerable for the stag beetles. Late frosts can be dangerous for the early starters, but then they hide under leaves or even in the ground and simply sit out such situations.

First stag beetle observation for 2023 in Kreis-Cochem Zell!

First stag beetle sighted in the district of Cochem-Zell! On 8 May at 12:00 noon, the first stag beetle report from the district of Cochem-Zell was received by the stag beetle search in Alf. Rainer Vogt from Lütz discovered a male while working in his garden, which means that the season is now open in the district. The first stag beetles have been on the move in Frankenland since 20 April, then came the Palatinate, the Nahe and now the Moselle. "All quite early, but normal in terms of the sequence of events. Things really get going anyway when the [...]