Stag beetle protection

The topic of stag beetle protection is very diverse. It touches on questions concerning the protection of the habitat (biotope), its nests (breeding sites = old tree stump) up to the protection of the above-ground beetles in the stag beetle season.

Accordingly, the possibilities to do something are different. The design of habitats is determined by legislators, administrations and municipalities.

In the garden, however, it is you, the owner!

The individual nests (tree stumps), central elements within the stag beetle population, can theoretically be or arise at each individual property owner. With the beetles themselves, due to their free movement, anyone can even come into contact with them once (by accident).

For dealing with the beetles themselves, follow my rules or ask.

If you come across nests, also during building measures(!), only a professional care can help! Please contact me then, it will be possible to find a solution on site.

Who would like to help stag beetles by specific measures such as nest building (stag beetle pile etc.), should also contact me. In many cases, the currently propagated methods and measures do not yet take into account the latest findings. One can also disturb with a pile or even build an eco-trap. Therefore, it is better to ask beforehand.