Welcome to the BioKlimaWald Alf Project

The Hirschkäferfreunde Nature two e.V. will be involved in the BioKlimaWald project in Alf. This project of the municipality of Alf was decided on 14.12.2021 at the request of the forester and 1st chairman of our association, Dr. Markus Rink.

The aim is to better combine biodiversity, climate protection and forest use. It comes from the realization that we need to do much more to help our forest survive all the demands of the future. Climate protection and working through FFH guidelines alone are not enough. Forest is more!

Our initial focus is on support measures for fire salamanders, stag beetles and forest ants. We are looking forward to these tasks and will report here. Official project start in 2023. We are already starting our species protection projects in 2022.