The search

Stag beetles share a preference with humans for warm, sunny places especially for their homes. What houses are for us, are tree stumps for the stag beetles. Protected by the soil, the decaying tree stump is home, communication center and food for the offspring. Once occupied, numerous genrations develop here, depending on the dimension.

We would like to help you find stag beetles and hope that this will make you a friend of these quaint fellows, perhaps even a janitor, landlord of an apartment or even a settlement.

Help is exactly what stag beetles need. People who know where stag beetles live and take care that they can stay there. Every stag beetle finding, especially that of a female, indicates an occurrence! Therefore every report can become important once!

Success story of an announcement – Loyal tenants for 23 years

Abgestorbener Kirschbaum

A dead cherry tree, where a female stag beetle was found at the base of the trunk in 2003 and reported to us. It turned out after an examination that there was a nest/dwelling there. The tree had been dead for seven years. The composition of the generations in the tree stump suggests a first colonization in 1999

In 2007 the upper part of the tree was removed by the owner, it had become brittle.


Over the years, television crews have always been surprised to find a stag beetle dwelling in the garden as well.

In 2011, an addition is made before the nest was abandoned by the stag beetles.

Even today, in 2022 and subsequent years, stag beetles are born there and start their short stormy above-ground life. Much to the delight of the landlord, who could observe stag beetles there every year. Another is annex is planned. Stag beetles in the garden, not everyone has that.