Protection of above ground beetles

The protection of the beetle during the short above-ground period is important, but it must be clearly recognized and respected that most males and probably many females do not die a natural death. Many predators and humans with their various actions in the cultivated landscape cause a decrease in population strength shortly after the last hatching. We cannot really do anything against predators and many dangers in the cultural landscape. No one will close a highway just because the flight of stag beetles crosses it or even release the green woodpecker to be shot because it likes to feed its young with the hind parts of stag beetles during this time.

We can help in small ways. For example, we can postpone the mowing of the meadow if we know that a nest is nearby. Do you have to mow mercilessly deep around every tree or isn’t it enough to be a little more gentle there? One can also make an appeal to the municipality. A flowering meadow is not only more ecological, but also cheaper to maintain than a constantly trimmed lawn! But you can also solve this problem only in individual cases, these are often thick planks that must be drilled.

We provide here some video instructions on how to deal with a spontaneous encounter with a stag beetle in distress. It will take some getting over for some, but this impressive beetle should be worth it to us. The beetles are clean, don’t move frantically, and should they really get pinched: to date, every one has survived!

Hopefully the green woodpecker or ant will find something else, less rare, to eat!

Video tutorials on the subject

Stag beetle on the sidewalk

Please always release stag beetles near where you found them!

Stag beetle helpless in water

Even motionless stag beetles should be released from the water!

Energy drink for stag beetles

Instructions for a fast-acting energy drink!

Stag beetle on house visit

Stag beetles are found quite often on and in houses. This is usually not a problem for the stag beetles.