Zenith of the stag beetle season now slightly passed,

zenith of the stag beetle season now slightly passed,
but regionally it can look very different. Big weddings in the Bonn (NRW) area or parts of Lower Saxony are still in full 
swing this week. However, the reports of dead beetles continue to increase, bird damage and overheating are claiming more
and more victims. This is also part of the stag beetle season. We are happy about the many interesting observations, 
including those that are yet to come. As every year, stag beetles flew into living rooms and bedrooms with open windows, 
visited cellars or even flew at detectors. They often left lasting impressions, such as visiting day-care centers or approaching 
village festivals. The rustic companions also ensure that our website is visited frequently, which of course makes us very happy.
In the next few weeks, the protection of the running females will continue to be in the foreground, so that we can observe stag 
beetles again in the next few years. After I picked up the annual nose pinch of a male while visiting a day care center yesterday
and won astonished and respectful fans for myself and the stag beetles, the duty for this year is fulfilled and my nose is 
already better again.