The stag beetle in Bavaria

The stag beetle friends Nature two e.V. together with their cooperation partners are pleased about the very good bachelor thesis of Ms. Mona Range from Erlangen. Ms. Range took a closer look at our Citizen Science (CS) project “” as part of her bachelor’s thesis at the Weihenstephan – Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. We ourselves have already written, published and criticized a lot, and suddenly we are being taken to task ourselves. That was a new feeling for us too, especially for me. We are proud of her findings, which she has skillfully derived from our data pool and our way of working. “Citizen science” works for the stag beetle, producing solid results without having to dispense with the expertise of experts.

Mona Range evaluated and compared our data delivered to Bavaria through neutral glasses, without comment from the stag beetle pope from the distant Moselle. Her work is now all the more valuable for us.

I myself do not (yet) know Ms. Range personally, but only from the data transfer, her own stag beetle reports and as a follower of our posts, from which I conclude, however, that she cares a lot about the stag beetles and our environment as a whole. She will certainly be urgently needed in these difficult times.

We wish Mona Range continued success on her life’s journey!


Dr. Markus Rink Alf in April 2024