Once again we are very satisfied…

Once again we are very satisfied...
An interesting season is coming to an end. The stag beetle showed very clear regional differences in the start dates in Germany. Some things can be explained, but some things require closer examination, which is why we do the search.
We got to know many nice, nature-loving people again, heard friends again and, despite years of monitoring, made exciting and new observations.
Sometimes you get annoyed, so the voices of "experts" sometimes become loud: There are enough stag beetles by now, you don't need to protect them anymore. Those in the know should note that most people have never encountered stag beetles, and probably never will.
The stag beetle will soon have to look for its niches again, heaps of dying trees, let alone forests, are of no use to it in the long run. The stag beetle is also a traditional late spring beetle and not a midsummer beetle. That fact alone is cause for concern enough and obliges us to keep our focus on the biggest beetle, and I get the impression a lot of people like to do that.
The high acceptance of our site is more than gratifying. We worked a lot over the winter and also invested a lot. But we'll stay tuned and welcome constructive criticism.