Please do not forget the soil and its creatures in the energy transition!

A colleague drew my attention to this calendar TEP GmbH & Co. KG drew my attention to it. I actually managed to save a stag beetle population at the Treis-Karden wind farm and, just as important, to exclude it at other sites. Thanks to the nose of Luca and a project engineer who always let me work independently in a critical respectful dialogue and was also happy about the discovery and successful resettlement. It is nice to find oneself like this, no matter what one thinks about the project. One fulfills his task for the protection of the species Translated [...]

Once again we are very satisfied…

Once again we are very satisfied... An interesting season is coming to an end. The stag beetle showed very clear regional differences in the start dates in Germany. Some things can be explained, but some things require closer examination, which is why we do the search. We got to know many nice, nature-loving people again, heard friends again and, despite years of monitoring, made exciting and new observations. Sometimes you get annoyed, so the voices of "experts" sometimes become loud: There are enough stag beetles by now, you don't need to protect them anymore. Those in the know should note [...]

Zenith of the stag beetle season now slightly passed,

zenith of the stag beetle season now slightly passed, but regionally it can look very different. Big weddings in the Bonn (NRW) area or parts of Lower Saxony are still in full swing this week. However, the reports of dead beetles continue to increase, bird damage and overheating are claiming more and more victims. This is also part of the stag beetle season. We are happy about the many interesting observations, including those that are yet to come. As every year, stag beetles flew into living rooms and bedrooms with open windows, visited cellars or even flew at detectors. They [...]

1000 reports reached!

The stag beetle season is in full swing. Stag beetles are coping quite well with this changeable weather and are currently showing up very often. They are doing better, which of course makes us happy. The causes, however, are not always so pleasant. More trees are dying and trees are also being removed out of precaution for us humans. Stag beetles have had a larger supply for their offspring for years now and have responded accordingly. However, this may not be so good for the stag beetles themselves in the medium to long term. Do enough trees grow back in [...]

In Bavaria the stag beetle males are hatching out..

200 stag beetle reports were received from Franconia until Wednesday. This is the result of the weather and a very nice advertising campaign for the stag beetle.  Males dominate the reports with over 90 %, this will soon shift somewhat. The wave is now rolling fast towards the north, where a few reports are already coming in.  However, the stag beetles are not yet so noticeable there, which is also due to the fact that there has been less sensitisation this year. In Bavaria, we are a cooperation partner of this special campaign and therefore proud and happy about the [...]