1000 reports reached!

The stag beetle season is in full swing. Stag beetles are coping quite well with this changeable weather and are currently showing up very often. They are doing better, which of course makes us happy. The causes, however, are not always so pleasant. More trees are dying and trees are also being removed out of precaution for us humans. Stag beetles have had a larger supply for their offspring for years now and have responded accordingly. However, this may not be so good for the stag beetles themselves in the medium to long term. Do enough trees grow back in these sunny places? How does the climate affect the beetle’s body size and development times is something we are researching. Will the soil become too dry at some point? Bigger and bigger, more and more, stronger and stronger – this principle, which has brought us humans to where we are now, usually leads to an abyss for every species sooner or later. We hope for the stag beetle’s sake and ours that we will get our act together. Protection in the villages and towns where the stag beetle has followed man will remain important. Here, densification, ignorance and arrogance are its “enemies”, which we have been fighting for years with advertising and conviction.